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Speech Processing Asian Network
A research network of excellence in the speech processing field

Presentation of main objectives of the network
Main objectives of the SPAN network consist in:

Putting the network partners into closer contact, and stimulating exchanges between them:


sharing of information
  exchanges of researchers
Creation of a virtual library gathering scientific articles about speech processing for Asian languages, either published by the partners or gathered as part of a state-of-the-art research;
Sharing resources (corpora);
Sharing tools:
  data analysis tools...
Simplifying the search for partners and establishment of contacts for the submission of common research projects (not necessarily all the members of SPAN, of course, and results of research projects remain the strict prerogative of the labs that take part in them);
Gathering the members of the network for common workshops;
Organizing (or taking part in the organization of) international scientific conferences;

Partner participation
Participation rules are simple and could be described as following:
Apart from punctual funding or sponsors that shall be used to maintain the website and participate in the organization of meetings of workshops, the network is not supposed to have any dedicated funding.
No subscription fee shall be required from the partners, who will however be expected to bear themselves the cost of their own activities (research or punctual events), even initiated in the framework of SPAN.
Participation is voluntary, meaning that each partner is responsible for choosing what information, resource, tool, etc. they wish to share, and when. There is no constraint on the participants.
To join the SPAN Network, take part in its activities and gain access to the shared resources, contact us today!

Hanoi University of Technology
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble

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